Portrait image of Castlemaine kinetic artist Cameron Robbins
creatives | castlemaine


The ingenious Cameron Robbins creates awe-inspiring kinetic devices that transfom the forces of nature into beautiful and highly dynamic works of art

Portrait image of Christiana Jackson at her Mimosa Botanical studio in Castlemaine
retail therapy | castlemaine


Put Christiana Jaskons in front of essential oils and she will create the sweet smell of success. We talk to Christiana about her burgeoning brand Mimosa Botanicals

Portrait image of Mark James, owner of Donkey restaurant in Kyneton
food | kyneton

Larger Than Life

The warmth and charm of Mark James and his eatery, Donkey in Kyneton, are drawing in gastronomes from far and wide. We talk to the man and discover his secret.

Portait of Ange Rosemann, owner of Tribe giftware store in Castlemaine
retail therapy | castlemaine

Tribe Leader

We talk to the inspirational Ange Rosemann about her beautiful store Tribe in Castlemaine, a place where the creative spirit, craftsmanship and nature merge


Portait of artist Rose Wilson at her studio in Trentham
creatives | trentham


We enter the idyllic world of artist Rose Wilson and talk to her about her childhood, travels, art and her Little Gallery cooperative in Trentham

Portait of Magali Gentric at her gallery and retail outlet Stockroom Kyneton
galleries | kyneton

mise en scène

Magali Gentric sets the scene on her seminal arts and retail space Stockroom Kyneton, a dynamic force within the arts culture of central Victoria

Portait of Genevieve Wearne at her store, Flop House in Kyneton
accommodation | retail therapy | kyneton

Escape Artist

Genevieve Wearne's Flop House enterprise sells beautiful homewares and offers gorgeous spaces where adventurers escaping to the region can relax and unwind

Portait of Kali Yaziji outside her store, We Of The Wild in Trentham
creatives | retail therapy | trentham


Kali Yaziji, jeweller and healer, talks about her new talismanic designs, nature, healing and her beautiful store, We Of The Wild, located in picturesque Trentham